Friday, July 19, 2019
Computer Forensics

Florida Forensic utilizes software for the imaging and processing of computerized information that is commonly used by local and federal agents. This software is commercially available and has undergone extensive peer review and testing by the computer forensic community. The methodologies utilized by Florida Forensic enable the successful admission in court, (Gates Rubber Co. v. Bando Chemical Ind.,Ltd.,/Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc./Frye v. United States). 

Florida Forensic can image computer hard drives, process the information and provide it to counsel, allowing for examination to determine material relevant to discovery requests. We make an exact bit for bit image of the computer hard drive, from which the retrieval of any data contained on the drive, including many deleted or partially overwritten files is possible.

We have computer forensic specialists who have many years of experience in law
enforcement and have extensive courtroom experience. We have staff with backgrounds as System Administration and Networking Engineering. We can assist in identifying where the information you want to examine for discovery may be found. Resumes of the examiners are available. This allows one to know who is doing the work and who will be testifying (if needed), prior to the start of the process.

Florida Forensic can help you with your electronic discovery and Computer Forensics needs. Common areas of interest include Internet History reporting, Email History reporting, IRC and Chat History reporting, Keyword Searches, Time Lines, Password Cracking, recovery of deleted or hidden Files(discovery of Hidden or altered financial records, accounting files, pictures, and logs). Computer Forensics and Electronic Data Discovery can be of great assistance in divorce cases, civil litigation, private investigations, employee and internal investigations, and general computer investigations.