Friday, July 19, 2019
Cell Phone Forensics

Mobile phones are increasingly becoming more and more technical. Nearly all mobile phones produced today have cameras built in to them. More memory is being added to mobile phones, which makes their storage capacity greater than ever.

What once was a job for a top international espionage agent, is now a simple feat for a mobile phone user. Taking discreet photo's, recording a private conversation, unauthorised videoing are now all within our grasp. For most of us, the usage of the camera on our mobile phones is simply to ensure that we can capture images and remember them. For some however, it is the perfect way to capture mission critical data, to steal a secret formula of a competitor, or simply to use in a blackmail situation. Some more examples of inappropriate use is listed below: 

Digital Fraud 
Inappropriate Data Duplication 
Unauthorised Data Duplication 
Bankruptcy Data Investigation 
Private Investigation of Cellphone/Mobile Phone 
Disloyal Employees 
Industrial Espionage 
IP Theft 
Breach of Contract 
Computer Break-ins 
Phone ‘Phreaking' 
Digital Pornography 
Inappropriate Internet Usage 
Inappropriate Camera Usage 
Inappropriate Sound Recording 
Internet Abuse 
Inappropriate Email Usage